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Just insert the exclusive USB-Key (SASTIK) then any PC will serve you as your exclusive, private gear! SASLITE Corp. is providing gthe newest device on earth, born in Japanh, based on the patented gAuto-runh USB device together with networking solutions.

SASTIK Technology:
This gSASTIK-0MBh looks like a normal USB memory stick at first sight. The "0MB" in SASTIK's name refers to the device's actual capacity, i.e. no memory storage; the USB device simply stores the SASTIK programs, which connect to the SASTIK server. This SASTIK device is recognized as a CD drive (Read-only), An autorun configuration to execute SASTIK programs when this device is plugged in. The SASTIK programs will automatically access the designated corporate system, allowing you to use business web applications just as if you were in your office.

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